For Tennessee Fans: Please Shut Up!

There have been a lot of fans saying “We know Rick Barnes’ true colors” for considering one of the most prestigious jobs in college basketball. Guess what, you have zero clue what you are talking about.

Just because someone considers something does not make them a bad person or even a bad coach for your team. Truth is, this is a business, and as much as Rick Barnes loves Tennessee and loves Knoxville, he still has to do what is right for him and his family. Not to mention, when a school that has won 11 national titles and been to the final four 18 times, you listen.

I believe Rick Barnes was taking the UCLA job as of Sunday night, because he did not like the way some things were handled. But, he sat down with his boss, hashed it out, and ultimately believed what his boss had to say.

So if anything, THAT shows Rick Barnes true colors, so will you please SHUT UP!