With the miserable loss to Florida, we take a look at just how far the Vols have fallen.

It is no secret, Tennessee has fallen on hard times the last 11 years. With that said, just how far they have fallen really hits home this week as the Vols travel to Athens to take on the #2 ranked Bulldogs.

In 2016, yes just 2 seasons ago, the Vols were a 3 point favorite heading down to Sanford Stadium. This year, the Vols head down as a 32.5 point underdog.

Tennessee is staring a 3 win season in the face for the first time since 1924, when they only played an 8 game season. From 1989-2004, Tennessee only lost more than 3 games 3 times.

Fulmer’s last season as head coach is when the landslide started. In his first season as athletic director, the landslide can be labeled a natural disaster.


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