No, the Vols didn’t win on Saturday.  But, they did make some monumental steps in the right direction and it shows on this week’s video breakdown.

We will start with the “helmet to helmet” no call.  If this had been in the NFL, two Georgia players would have been tossed and docked some extra tuition money…

Then we have the nice throw to Palmer in which Tennessee “showed a little fight” ,in the words of Jeremy Pruitt.  Guarantano continues to show he can get the ball down field, however if this throw is thrown 2-3 yards further it is a touchdown from anywhere on the field.  In this case it is a touchdown none the less, but had it been thrown from the 50, Palmer gets tackled shortly after the catch.

And finally, the swing pass to Ty Chandler that goes for 6.  Yes, Chandler shows that he does have elite speed on this play, but notice a few smaller things.  The line does a nice job picking up the blitz on the weak side and Dom Wood-Anderson gets a body on someone that enables JG time to throw, and Chandler room to show his elite speed.


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