Vols Are Not As Bad As It Looks

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is wins and losses. But, the Vols are better than their 2-3 record may indicate.

Here are some stats that may be surprising to you if you have watched any of the Vols first 5 games of the 2018 season.

Team offensive stats

Points/Game- 26 (90th FBS, 12th SEC)

Rushing Yds/Game- 177.2 (65thFBS, 10thSEC)

Passing Yds/Game- 182.8 (108thFBS, 13th SEC)

Completion %- 62.3 (50th FBS, 5th SEC)

Pass Yds/ Completion- 13.85 (27th FBS, 4th SEC)

First Down Offense (121st FBS, 14th SEC)

Sacks Allowed/Game- 1.6 (41stFBS, 7th SEC)

Team Defensive Stats

Total Defense- 340.6 (30th FBS, 8th SEC)

First Down Defense- (10thFBS, 1st SEC)

3rd Down Defense- 31.7% (24th FBS, 8th SEC)

Passing Yds/Game- 182.6 (26th FBS, 5th SEC)

Rushing Yds/Game- 158 (65th FBS, 10th SEC)

Points Allowed/Game- 25.6 (63rd FBS, 10th SEC)

Notable Other Stats

Jarrett Guarantano- Comp %- 63.4% (51st FBS, 6th SEC)

Ty Chandler- Rush Yds/Car- 6.18 (33rd FBS, 5th SEC)

Darrell Taylor- Sacks- 3 (66th FBS)

And how do you know Tennessee is heading in the right direction?

Fewest Penalties (29th FBS, 1st SEC)


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