Do The Vols Have A Chance vs Auburn?

It’s no secret the Vols have struggled for the last last decade finding meaningful wins. Tomorrow, should not be much easier.

Tennessee comes in to the game coming off an absolute dismal game against Florida, and a spurt of life in a 26 point loss to #2 Georgia. Saturday, they face #21 Auburn on the plains at Jordan Hare Stadium.

The question is, which Auburn team will Tennessee face? The Auburn team that only allowed 102 yards rushing against Washington? Or, the Auburn that allowed 349 yards rushing at Mississippi State, just last week?

The only problem for Tennessee with either of those Auburn teams is…..Tennessee. Tennessee’s offensive line has been mediocre, at best, producing only 177.2 yards per game. Also, Guarantano isn’t rushing for 200 yards like Nick Fitzgerald did a week ago.

For the Vols to have a puncher’s chance on the Plains Saturday, they must get positive yardage on first down. The Vols rank #122, in the country ,in first down offense. Only 7 teams in the entire land are worse than Tennessee in that category.


I think, for the first time in over a year, you see a Tennessee team take the fight to Auburn. Tennessee has prepared 2 weeks for this contest, but I am afraid Miss St awakened a sleeping giant. This season the main goal is improvement, and I think you see that Saturday. Auburn 24, Tennessee 13


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