The Vols fell to South Carolina on Saturday night, 27-24. Here are the biggest things we saw from Saturday.

Tyson Helton Called A Really Nice Game- Earlier in the season, there were talks of how conservative Helton’s play calling was. On Saturday, while we didn’t stretch the field, he kept Muschamp’s defense on its heels and guessing all night.

Offensive Line Played Better- While Tennessee’s offensive line will not be confused with Alabama’s, the Vols offensive line gave Guarantano enough time on the few deep balls we did throw. Also, we ran a few pitches that the line did a really nice job on.

We Have To Learn To Wrap Up- Too many attempted arm tackles and shoulder hits without going through the ball carrier. Obviously the one that stood out most was Nigel Warrior’s hit on Jake Bentley.
Carlin Fils-Aime Should Never Be A LB Again- While he only had 3 carries against the Gamecocks, Fils-Aime proved he had SEC type speed in the Tennessee backfield.

SEC Officials Are BAD- Obviously, the no review on the Carolina fumble at the goal line is the most crucial referee miscue of this contest, but there were a handful of others. The pass interference call on Tennessee on the dropped TD, the no call on Tennessee when they clearly got to the receiver too early in the end zone, and this clear targeting that was missed…

Truth of the matter is Tennessee is getting better every single game. They are competing, and have a legitimate chance at making a bowl game in Pruitt’s 1st year.


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