By now you know that the Tennessee Football team is looking for a new offensive coordinator. Also, you know by now, that instead of “Grumors” you were getting last season it is now “Hughmors”. Even with his past, the Tennessee fan base still wants him, and here is why Phillip Fulmer should in fact hire Hugh Freeze. He has won everywhere he has coached.  Hugh Freeze started his coaching career at Briarcrest High School located on the outskirts of Memphis, where he won 2 state championships and finished runner up another 4 times.  The saints of Briarcrest also were in the playoffs each of Freeze’s 9 years there.

In 2008 he was named head coach at Lambuth University, an NAIA school, where in 2 seasons he compiled a 20-5 record, including a perfect 11-0 season in 2009.  He took over the offense of Arkansas State for one year and took the Red Wolves offense from 95th in the country to 43rd. In his only season as the head coach for the Red Wolves, Freeze led the team to a 10-2 record and had the 28th best offense in the country. He then was named head coach at Ole Miss, where he was 39-25 as a head coach for the Rebels.

Hugh Freeze carries some baggage, that is for sure, but he is one of the best offensive minds in football.  The reason it is slightly different from the Greg Schiano “Schiano Sunday”, is because Freeze was never involved in a long line of rape cases.  To be fair, Schiano was never found guilty of any of the allegations against him, Freeze has.  However, Freeze paid some college players, to be honest, every program in America has at some point….they just haven’t gotten caught.  As far as the “escort” deal that he is linked to, if that is his person preference, and his wife is ok with it…just don’t use a company phone(joking).

Also, does Freeze’s offense line up with Jeremy Pruitt’s way of thinking he wants his offense ran?  Are the two of them at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to personality? After being the head man at an SEC program, would Freeze be able to take critiquing from “his boss”.

The 2 truth’s are he comes with baggage and he is a great offensive mind.  Which is more important? 518 yards per game, which is what his 2015 Ole Miss team averaged, or morals.


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